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Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited was established in 1993, and is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 0268). Kingdee has over 8,000 employees and three software industrial parks across China, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. It has provided corporate management software and cloud services for more than 6.8 million enterprises and government organisations, and is committed to changing the way hundreds of millions of people work.

Over 6.8 million

Number of enterprises that, with the help of Kingdee, have achieved progress in management

80 million

Kingdee users

Kingdee has held the largest share of the combined revenue of Chinese enterprise SaaS vendors and of the domestic enterprise SaaS ERM market for 4 consecutive years

Data from IDC report

Kingdee has been the leader in the Chinese growth enterprise management application market by market share for 16 years running

Selected as a Chinese SaaS cloud service vendor in Gartner’s global Market Guide

Kingdee Cloud

The First Choice for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Group Enterprise Cloud-end ERP Solution
Enterprise AI Application Platform
Digital innovation and cloud service platform for growth enterprises
Use on demand, remote collaboration, enterprise-level business assurance, reliable and secure
Office cloud featuring intelligent collaboration
Connects enterprises with their employees, businesses and customers, to help improve communication efficiency
Cloud service platform for e-commerce enterprises
Covers the entire e-commerce process, facilitating the processing of millions of orders and providing inventory management for both online and offline stores.

Technological advances have brought great changes to finance

Kingdee uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data to break down the wall between finance and business, helping facilitate the unlimited flow of information.

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Re-defining supply chain management

Helps enterprises achieve effective management and control of information, material and capital flows in production, supply and sales, comprehensively manage supply chains.

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The essence of omni-channel marketing is to gain deeper insights into consumers

Shifts from single member management to omni-channel platform-style member management, realises connectivity of membership rights and establishes big-data portraits to achieve precision marketing.

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Kingdee Manufacturing Cloud, a new means of production

Enables large-scale personalised manufacturing, network-based collaborative manufacturing, smart factories, intelligent production, manufacturing collaboration and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

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A specialised HR management brand for large- and medium-sized group companies

Focusing on corporate HR management innovation, Kingdee s-HR employee self-service platforms and cloud applications, and achieves strategy-driven management, service sharing and interconnection of all employees.

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One-stop office platform featuring intelligent collaboration

IDC: ranked first in the social networking-style mobile office software market for large- and medium-sized enterprises, by market share, for three consecutive years, Helps 3.5 million enterprises enter the era of intelligent collaboration-focused offices.

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Builds an integrated new retail system for e-commerce companies

Provides comprehensive specialised management services for e-commerce companies, to build a new integrated retail closed-loop system for e-commerce companies.

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